Spencer Perceval by Lester Hillman

Our last lecture was a colourful and lively talk about Northampton MP Spencer Perceval. The speaker’s home overlooks the Perceval house, fueling his interest and adding a personal tough to the talk. Known as ‘Little P’ at school, Perceval rose to become Prime Minister, and was made famous by his assassination in 1812.

Mr Hillman discussed the life of Perceval, paying particular attention to the places he had lived in London. No doubt Perceval needed many properties to house his 12 children! Mr Hillman examined the links to London properties, such as in Belsize and Holburn, and place names in Islington. The speaker then went on to examine the life of John Bellingham, Spencer’s assassin, before he described the events of the assassination. He described this as ‘England’s Kennedy Moment’, making parallels with the death of JFK.

This richly illustrated talk gave insight into the life and death of Spencer and Bellingham, as well as offering insight into the place names of London.

Our next talk is on Thursday 13 March 2014 at  Bishop Stopford School, Kettering.

By historicalassociationnorthamptonbranch